Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sometimes all it takes is an image

This month has been one of my hardest, don't get me wrong lots of happy times and things to celebrate, but sometimes those times mean sad times cause I'm missing you. Sometimes it feels like everything happens problems after problems and it's getting ahead and then taking a hundred steps back, tonight after another one of those step backs on the way home I could see the pink hue in the skyline. As we got closer I was memorized by the colors, the shape, the beauty. I drove past taking every inch of this sight in, then turned the car around to snap some shots of this sight. It was beautiful. For a single moment as I stood on the side of the road starring up at this view, the world seemed calm, my stress, worries and string of bad luck just vanished. I felt it all disappear. My daughter honked the horn saying I was taking forever, but I wanted to just keep that image etched in my mind for it made me feel better. I'm glad I captured this the raw beauty that may had been just what I needed tonight. Thanks Dad for hearing me loud and clear.

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