Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Still full of love

Not a day goes by that I don't think of my dad or wish he was here to talk to, hug, or laugh with. Some days it feels like every minute of the day I think of him. But I'm also remembering my gram to very often. The one grandparent I can really recall well from my childhood. Man that woman really helped me be the kind of woman I am today. Today while driving past her house, I pulled over and snapped a photo. The house that is empty with just bare walls and empty rooms, not shoveled or kept up is "Just Empty" well it maybe empty of all her favorite things, the rocking chair, the dusty trinkets of boxers that were carefully placed on a wall shelf, the things that I played with as a little girl that my daughters played with too when we visited. Well I looked at the house snapped the photo and first as a tear fell from my eye realized that it may not hold material things but it still holds LOVE, and lots of it. From family gatherings to, Christmas parties, cook outs and Birthday Celebrations. It holds so much love even in an empty home. The memories I have as a little girl drinking hot coco from her steaming hot tea kettle to her getting out her stash of boxes of chocolates.The no running water and the old fashioned washer, The laughter, the tears and the love yes above all the love. That's what it still holds the love. I don't know what will become of the house but I know that no matter what each, piece of love that made her house a home will forever be a memory to me and the family.

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