Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Just what I may need. A letter to my Dad

Hey Dad,
Today I dreamed up one crazy ass idea. Wanna hear it? Of course you do, I know your thinking what is my crazy daughter up to now. Ok today I considered and well am pretty confident that I will sign up to run a marathon. Yes you heard that right a marathon 26.2 miles. YES I'm crazy. But ya know something's have recently had me thinking, pissing me off, questioning people in my life and ya know I thought back to the year you died, the year I ran my 1st half marathon just 2 months after you passed away. The way I felt was so different.
I felt calm, emotional, energized, emotional, inspired, emotional, like a champion, emotional, complete, emotional, invigorated, emotional, proud, emotional. I felt it all, I could think, I could cry, I could feel muscles aching, I could laugh, I could cry but above all I never felt STRESSED. It was amazing how my worries just went away with every pounding foot on the pavement. I realized today that running just maybe my outlet.
I know whatever I deceide to do you will be rooting me on, supporting me and pushing me. So dad please guide me and give me the courage to not give up, to try harder meet the goals, train strong and hard. Thank you
Love Always and Forever
Your Little Girl.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A piece of me. .

We were blessed to have had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Island of Kauai HI again. It was just 2 months after your death that we took our first trip. You were so excited for us, and ya know dad I never got the chance to tell You about it. But I know you were there in sport. This time dad was just as wonderful. I found myself thinking about you as we explored the beauty of this island, I like to call it my heaven. There is something about it, it's peaceful beauty, everywhere you look, the high surf from an angry ocean that can calm you, a simple palm tree swaying in the breeze. A luau with dancers perfecting the heart of Hawaii with their moves. I never thought I could love some place as much as I do love Kauai. I just wanted to share my piece of heaven with you.