Saturday, June 27, 2015

The little things. . make it harder

Another year of dance is over. I missed how my dad would always step up and be in charge of tickets, I missed how he would pace the back of the auditorium and when his grand daughters took the stage he would smile and tears would build up in his eyes. I found myself looking around and just wishing I would see him. I know he was there in spirit but I'm going to say it's not the same, I waited to hear what he thought of his grandaughter Lauren so confident on stage a real leader and Amber with her pointe her first pointe number with grace and elegance  Dam it I hate having these moments without him
 It will never get easy I'm still going to want to see him there I'm still gonna want him being the ticket man, I'm still gonna want to see him hug his grandaughters with tears in his eyes telling he them he's proud I still want it I want it back every little detail.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Memorial Day

A new flag waves in the breeze which symbolizes the service you gave to our country. It's Memorial day. . . . To me everyday is memorial day. I think of you everyday sometimes what seems like every minute. I get what Memorial day means but I guess I think it should be something we honor each day. It's sad to look around the cemetery now and see emptiness. Angels would adorne the headstones, rows of memories left by loved ones but no more. Our gifts we left for you gone. Not allowed. The girls are devestated to think they can't bring you things they find that remind them of you.
We decided to make our own memorial garden at home so the girls can keep things there for you. I want them to continue to heal and feel your love.