Thursday, August 24, 2017

It's been awhile

It's been awhile. . . But may you know you have not been gone from my thoughts. Sometimes I start to write and I fall asleep, sometimes I start to write and it seems like I'm on repeat and then there are times where I need to just talk to you and tonight's one of those nights.
It has been a crazy few months, happy memories, sad memories, tears and laughter.
But you know what it's amazing when you see someone who looks strong and all put together on the outside you can sense that their is still hurt on the inside.
I like to think I'm raising strong, independent, daughter's who have a path that is straight and narrow at times but sometimes I question my place as a mom. Am I too much, am I not enough, am I given them what they need.
Sometimes well most of the time dad I wish you could see these grand daughter's of yours and see what they are becoming and be there to tell me what I need to hear, good or bad.
I wish today was one of those days.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Thanks for direction

So. . . Certain things in life push you over the edge, no matter how you try to ignore, or fix, somethings are just meant to be passed on. Well it's amazing how I got so much of your direction, and how you seem to have timed things in this situation, perfectly. Thank you for being close by even though your far away. You know what's right and your making it happen, ever so greatful.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

can you spoil him for us. . .

Letter to my Dad,
Hi Dad,
Today was a difficult day as we had to say goodbye to our loyal friend and dog Ranger aka Ranger Rick 12 years of loyalty he gave to the family, endless amounts of baked goods, human food, trash you name it,
But as I held him and patted his ears and kissed his wet nose good bye, I told him to find you and keep you company, I told him you would spoil him but not to expect you to share your food with him.
Please just love him and cuddle with him, he's good at that. We are missing him do much, especially your granddaughter who says she has no one to share her bed with now.
Just hug him and tell him we love and miss him.
Thanks Dad enjoy his company.
Your Daughter