Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas is done.....

The Christmas season is once again gone almost as quickly as it came. It's not the same, no special gift, noo joy to see on your face as you watch the family open gifts, no endless laughter over well our sense of humor, no nothing.
New memories to make and or new traditions but yet we don't change that getting togetger at the house but yet it's different very different. After we left the house I got things settled and let my mind and thoughts flow into this piece of writing.

My daughter's are nestled snug in their beds, I'm sure dreaming of another Christmas past in their heads. Their wishes were made with a simple gift or two but in my heart I know they were missing you too. They talked about you remembering this and that saying "remember when grampa always had to have that". As the Holiday passes I always hold dear the memories we have in hopes it holds you near. As long as you know our hearts still ache, without you having those new memories to make. I can only hope that as you watched from above you could still feel us surrounding you with our love.
Written by me with love, forever in my heart to my Dad.

All from these photos it came to me

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