Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Just thinking. . .

Just thinking. . .Dad I love you and I miss you. Dad I hope your proud of me, Dad Lauren has Kindergarten reg tomorrow. Dad I sealed some chicken I got on sale I think the last time I used the sealer you were here helping me. Dad I just want you to know I miss your laughter, Das I miss your smile and Dad I miss your raised voice conversations. I'm just thinking of you tonight and like I do everyday day.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Feeling Humbled

Tonight I was asked to attend The Southern Maine Hospice "Circle of Caring" donor appreciation night. I went to take photos but left with something way more than a camera of images.
The photos I took of a family at the Gosnell House back in January would be the presentation tonight. "Hanks Story" as the video played and the images of love, one by one were shown, I was in tears. Something so simple as a photograph sure speaks volumes. It told a story a story of a family, a story of a building that is not just for going to die at but so much more. A building that people give themselves of with compassion, care and love and respect. A staff that truly sees people as individuals and as one of their own even for only a short time.  As I stood there watching through the tears in my eyes I smiled at the site of knowing I did something good, I took a single moment and made it a memory. Just like those memories I have of my dad and photographs of us together. I know as I write this he would be so proud of me for doing something so selfless. It's amazing how many lives I touched with one single act of kindness.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bittersweet day. . .

Today we went through the camper that my parents traveled the United States in and also where my family enjoyed camping in it to either in it or with them in our own camper. It has been tucked away for several years just parked off the driveway, the mice had called it home for awhile but while we went through it tossing out things not salvageable we found many things that sparked a memory and some good laughs. While a piece of me wishes it was in better condition, to keep I knew it was just not feasible and maybe one day we can enjoy new adventures in something similar. The camper maybe gone but not the memories. By the way dad that fleece you won that you said I could not have well I found it and guess what I have it now.