Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Feeling Humbled

Tonight I was asked to attend The Southern Maine Hospice "Circle of Caring" donor appreciation night. I went to take photos but left with something way more than a camera of images.
The photos I took of a family at the Gosnell House back in January would be the presentation tonight. "Hanks Story" as the video played and the images of love, one by one were shown, I was in tears. Something so simple as a photograph sure speaks volumes. It told a story a story of a family, a story of a building that is not just for going to die at but so much more. A building that people give themselves of with compassion, care and love and respect. A staff that truly sees people as individuals and as one of their own even for only a short time.  As I stood there watching through the tears in my eyes I smiled at the site of knowing I did something good, I took a single moment and made it a memory. Just like those memories I have of my dad and photographs of us together. I know as I write this he would be so proud of me for doing something so selfless. It's amazing how many lives I touched with one single act of kindness.

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