Thursday, March 5, 2015

Not everyone understands

The pain of losing someone is different I mean very different for everyone. We all suffer losses in our lives and some just impact our lives and individuals differently. A friend of mine whom I have known for several years, said to me tonight "I had a real moment this morning, I almost called you. I was like "what, why". She said "I was really missing my mom" her mom has been gone for 5 years and as I looked at her I knew exactly what she was saying. Those "moments" where you miss them so much the tears fall uncontrolled and your heart breaks even more. I told her she should had and she said she "knew I would understand" yes YES I would had. Her and I are a lot alike in the aspect of grief and loss. Emotional at a memory, a story, and even a song.Dance competitions are always filled with tears yes from watching the "dance family" dance but also from that song where the words just bring up emotions. Similar lives even though we are years apart and friends for just a few short years. We lost brothers in accidents unexpected. We share stories of angels or dreams of our loved ones whom seem like they are right there to reach out and hug and hold. She knew my dad actually they laughed a lot together and I know she sees how much I miss him and how much my girls miss him and of course my mom. She knows our pain and sorrow and she understands. I never met her mom or knew her but I have heard stories that she has shared with me, I can say that she sure raised a wonderful daughter full of love, life and energy and I know that she would be proud of her and the woman I'm so blessed to call a friend. She misses her mom and I want her to know that I understand her pain as I know she understands mine. Not everyone does as I said before, we all heal differently and yet sometimes our hearts remain broken and it's ok, you may not understand why I cry, when I cry and then laugh not everyone understands but yet there are people your lucky enough to have in your life that do. I found this wonderful quote that is perfect. But only certain people will understand and that's ok.

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