Sunday, March 1, 2015

Along the way

A week ago I once again set out to prove to myself that anything is possible. I returned to the happiest place on earth Disney world and ran the Glass Slipper Challenge a 10k and a half marathon back to back 19.3 miles in two days. The 10k was just a fun pace that I took in the sights of epcot and the boardwalk, but Sunday a different thing all together. I knew I would be alone on this one, as the group of us divided up into our corrals I began to get my head in the game, prepare myself for the 13.1 miles that awaited my anxious feet and restless mind. Alone was what kept coming to mind no one to talk with or laugh with ALONE. As the corrals dismissed one by one I could feel my game face take over. I reached the sound of the countdown, the fireworks erupting overhead and off I went. I asked my dad to be with me on these 13.1 miles that would take me through places that just over two years ago we as a family made memories in. As nervous as I was about doing it alone I never felt alone. I was zoned in the entire time. Each mile, each memory of the fun we had as a family in Disney, with those memories of course cams tears but happy ones. I recall getting to mile 5.5  as I entered the magic kingdom and approached the castle I recall seeing my dad in tears as he saw his grandaughters come from the bippiti bopping boutique all in their princess attire, he beamed with pride and cried. I recall me talking to him a lot between miles 9 and 12 asking him to continue to give me energy and strength. With each mile passing saying "Dad I've got this Dad I do" I knew when I re entered Epcot I was in the home
stretch I could feel myself grabbing my heart necklace just wanting him with me the last steps to the finish line, and I know he was. As alone as I thought I would be I don't think I was. I know I had my dad beside me pushing me towards every mile.

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