Friday, February 13, 2015

A connection in my own way.

I can often be seen grabbing at the heart that hangs around my neck. I notice I hold it in my hand when I need to feel secure or supported, or when I get those I miss him moments. This heart I wear around my neck is a forever connection I have with my dad. I remember preparing for his services and the day that I would say goodbye to my daddy. I wanted something that I could have a forever piece or connection per-say with him.
 Yes we adorned  his casket (the Lincoln ) with photos, cards and letters but I searched for something special. Something him and I would always have. I remember putting out the call from friends and family asking for help with a necklace. My friend Lisa had me call in what I wanted and she made the arrangements to get it.
I wear a heart with a key hole with the words "Forever Daddy's Little Girl" etched on it. He wears around his neck a dog tag with a key that fits the heart on my necklace.
It's something knowing that he is wearing a piece of me and I a piece of him. Something that forever keeps us bonded. It's my good luck charm, my tear catcher, my heart of love knowing he's there. It's a piece of him. Whenever I need my daddy's love somehow rubbing it along my fingers I feel his love and presence. I've only had a few people ask me and I must say they are quite surprised to hear that my dad who passed away is wearing the key to it. You can see the shock but yet pure sympathy.
I wear it for me, I wear it to be connected, I wear it to feel my daddy's love, to feel safe.

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