Sunday, March 29, 2015

A proud Grampa

Oh how my dad loved to watch Amber dance weather it was hanging at the Centre waiting for time to pass or just stopping in to well check on things, or traveling local or distance to watch her compete. Oh my Dad, this year you would had been beaming and crying. My sensitive dad who cried the moment her feet walked out on stage, or her medal was given or scholarship was won. Wow Dad you were one proud Grampa. Well this year she did not disappoint one bit. She danced with love and such raw emotion, and Lauren took the stage too oh how you would had bragged to your cronies about her stage appearance. Sitting in the audience just is not the same, I often find myself looking over my shoulder hoping to see you there, but I know it's just a thought a dream perhaps. Oh how proud you would be. People say oh he's watching and I don't doubt you are but I wish it was not from your front row seat in heaven but the front row seat in the auditorium. It's these moments where I miss you so much, the firsts that your missing or the 3rd and 4th it's all moments I wish you could see with us. I want to see your proud face and tears of pride. Cause you were always a proud grampa.

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