Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Just one of those nights

One of those nights where it seems that the only thing on my mind is my dad, missing him. Not sure why tonight. I took out a photo just too see his smiling face, that grin the contagious smile that lit up his whole face. Man do I miss that. As I've said before it's a weird thing grief is. Presents itself at the most awkward times and sometimes for no reason. Tonight as I was getting my daughters things ready for the first dance competition of the season I felt sad cause my dad loved to watch his grand daughter dance and this year Lauren will begin competition man would he be elated. As I laid in bed I could not shut off my mind and thoughts of him just kept flooding my brain. I'm missing him. I'm struggling tonight to not be angry that he is gone, im struggling that I can't talk to him, I'm struggling that he won't be there to root on his grandaughters. I'm just sad. I'm sad that I have to miss my daddy, I'm sad that I can't lean on him to talk to I'm Just Sad. I miss you daddy I miss you so much.

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