Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sometimes its just a conversation

Tonight while talking with my mom on the phone she paused to tell me a dream she had about my dad. She said when she saw him she noticed how thin and healthy looking he was and she told him how much she missed him and how much she loved him. She asked how he wa feeling and said his response was that he felt ok most days, she said as she continued to tell him about missing him and loving him she noticed a woman in the distance a woman with dark hair and then she woke up. Hmm she said it was so weird, she said it was so weird that she thought he has a woman lol. I was thinking after I hung up with her that maybe she was his protector or his leader as he visits us in our dreams, hmm I really dont know.
Its amazing how a conversation can take your mind on a wild adventure. It was nice to hear her talk of him even if it was just a dream, she told me she thinks of him 100's of times thoughout the day and Im sure she does cause I think of my dad EVERYDAY too. I wonder who else thinks of my dad, I wonder if people are still reminded of his gentle giving heart, his contagious laugh and that smile the smile that often people say that I have too.
I dont want people to forget about him, I want people to feel his presence when they need comfort or strength. I will do all I can do to keep his memory alive in our home and family, even if it is just in a conversation.

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