Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It will always be your day

Christmas Eve has always meant something more in our family than just the day before Santa comes. Christmas Eve is also my Dad's Birthday. Something we both shared December Birthdays. He could relate to birthdays being caught up in the Christmas Season maybe his more than mine but none the less it was still something we shared.
Today as I sat alone I missed calling him up to have his granddaughters call and sing to him, knowing well enough that on the other end of the phone he had tears streaming down his face. I missed going to his favorite restaurant to get him that gift cert, so he could enjoy coffee and a breakfast or two on us and just sit and mingle with his cronies.But not this year, instead I found myself avoiding calling my mom afraid that she would pick up the phone in tears, so instead our day was filled with cookie making and preparing for Christmas, with one very special tradition that we plan on doing every year.
I was asked by a friend of mine what I had planned on doing to remember my dad through the Holiday's well thinking it would be sending some balloons in the air and visiting the cemetery, she gave me an idea about luminary bags, I loved it and I'm so thankful that she gave me that idea. So on Christmas Eve afternoon the girls and I created our own luminary bags to honor my dad. We plan on saving these and will create new ones next year and add them to the ones from the years past. So we lit these on Christmas Eve, and I look forward to this tradition every year. Happy 71st Birthday I hope your day was filled with fun, laughter and all your favorite foods.

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