Sunday, December 7, 2014

Adding to tradition now.

Our tree cutting tradition continued today, as we bundled up and loaded up in my dads truck, yes my dads big truck, his truck, the truck he wanted so bad that the day he saw it he bought it, we Matt and I were actually with him the day he bought it. Well it has taken up residency at our house since the Summer. It nice to look outside and see it, makes me smile and sometimes my heart skips a beat thinking he is here to visit then the fast reality sets in. Well today I loaded my family into the truck and I smiled, it was as if he was a part of our day today. The miles we road in that truck, the trips camping we took in that truck, it all flooded back to me. Hearing the laughter from the back seat I know my dad would had been smiling and laughing along. It was nice to load our fresh cut tree into the back of my dads truck. I recalled growing up as one of my daughters asked why we just don't go in the woods to get it, I then told them about going into the woods as a little girl year after year not looking at the ground but high in the air for a tree, cause it was the top of the tree where the best tree was at. It always was big and I mean BIG, FULL and beautiful, I guess that's where I got my need for a big, full beautiful tree. So our tradition continues of cutting our own tree, and now it's brining it home in my dads truck that has been added to the tradition.

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