Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Found some comfort in a simple stroke

Today I celebrated my 35th Birthday for the 5th year! It was the usual day, cleaning, laundry, dance same routine. My FB page was flooded with Birthday Wishes, that always makes me smile! I had this crazy idea to go to Muse Paintbar a place where you create your own themed canvas, well I recall about two weeks ago looking through the website and their calendar of art, well it just happened to have a snow scene with a single Cardinal. . . . It was a must have I looked at it as a sign and I was going to create it. So after a call out for others to join me I was elated to have really my closest friends and mom join me. Letting your creativity flow is good for the mind and the sole, as I took a hold of the paintbrush and made the first stroke across the page I could feel an energy, I then anticipated each step, the final step was the cardinal, oh Geesh the focal point of the whole piece, well mine is a chunky healthy looking fellow that is peering out along the mountains. This represents my dad, a strong creature looking along the mountains to the valley over seeing the world from above. Their is something about this artwork that brings me comfort, brings me to tears, but yet puts a smile on my face. Was it the adventure, was it creating it, was it the laughter that we all shared as we compared ours or was it the simple fact that I brought to life my dad in the single stroke of a paintbrush. 

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