Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Your missing out.... wait no your not

Today was a very special day in our family, the arrival of a newborn boy. Michael and Jessica welcomed their first son, the first boy on this side of the family. I watched as Eric James entered this world. I could not help but think dad missed out, once again it's another first without you here. I remember with my girls, my dad waiting outside the room cracking jokes with the nurses as he awaited the arrival of his first grandchildren 20 plus later she arrived, his second grandchild he met her while introducing her to her older sister. In 2013 he was there to meet Michael's first daughter minutes after she was born and this time I guess he just looked on from above. It's amazing to be thinking about what would dad think moments, I know he would had been elated and overcome with emotion as he always was over every happy and sad moment too. We'll dad I knew you were there cause as we moved into the other room there was a cardinal figurine on the mantel shelf, I mean first thing I noticed as I walked in. I mean really seems so out of the ordinary but as soon as I saw it I knew you were there. I pointed it out to my mom and I knew she knew and I showed Jessica too. It's amazing the signs you leave us if we just take the time to see them. So Congratulations Dad on your new grandson!

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