Friday, January 16, 2015

Are you together

When I was 15 years old my oldest brother Chris who was 19 was killed in a car accident, today would mark 26 years since his life was taken way to soon. I recall that night well more like early morning like it was yesterday.
I was at my best friends house and her mom woke me up told me I had to get my stuff together my dad was coming to get me. That was it that was all she said. I had no idea what was wrong. My dad was their within minutes and I asked him is it mom is she ok, he said no and said it's Chris he was killed in a car accident. Pure and udder shock. I walked into a house surrounded with family crying and holding onto one another. A nightmare is what it was. It amazing how much you think of someone when they are gone. I have his letters he wrote me when he served in the army. I love to read them. I remember his outgoing attitude his wanting to be the life of the party, his humor and such. Well now I think today as I miss him and remember today, is he together with Dad. Is he getting caught up on all that he missed, are they laughing and crying together. Is Dad telling him everything. I hope so I want to believe that he is, that they are happy and reunited.

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