Thursday, January 8, 2015

We know your here

Today we celebrated my youngest 5th birthday, wow I can't even believe it's been 5 years since our family welcomed this beautiful girl into the world, and just like my dad did with his first grandaughter taking a look at her and immediately comparing her to me when I was born. Lauren sure has a spark of love in her, every one that meets her loves her but it's pretty much the same with both my girls, man how Lauren always made her grampa LAUGH ALWAYS. One day he asked her if her butt was broken, "no" she said his reply was "well why is it cracked" it was quite the joke between the two of  them. While on the way to the bus to drop off my oldest Lauren out of the blue said "Grampa" both Amber and I asked her what and she quickly denied what she said , I then asked again and she said no I said it's ok if you were talking to or about grampa she said ok I did I said it just means your thinking of him and he's thinking of you. Well I got a message from Mariel my girls dance teacher saying "Ted was here on Laurens birthday" she sent me a photo of a penny and a piece if birthday confetti that just happen to sweep up while cleaning the studio.
(Mind you the confetti was from a b day party in August and the penny was 2014 and it was a shiny brand new one) Mariel was in awe cause the girls are always saying how grampa leaves them pennies all the time. So dad we got your birthday message to Lauren today. Thank you for remembering her today.

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