Friday, January 16, 2015

It made my heart smile. . . .

So I received a phone call from one of my photography clients asking if I could take photos of a family that are currently at Hospice, my heart sank as you can imagine, she explained to me that the father was ill and they had not had photos since their daughter was born and she was 2. I did not hesitate and I said yes. I did not ask detail I just said you tell me when and I can be there.
The next morning I headed into the Hospice House and was given a tour, it did not feel like a hospital more of a home, I was introduced to the family and the mom thanked me so many times, the father was in great spirits and I was able to capture some really nice moments with them all.
I was surprised at how well I held it together I did my best to prepare myself for the worst. But it was ok, I was ok. I rushed home edited the photos and delivered them back to them that afternoon, I learned that Hospice is typically where you go to die so I did not want to wait a single minute more.
The staff was elated with what I did for the family today.
To me it was not even a decision I wanted to do it, I wanted to provide that family something that they could have forever, a memory, an image, a smile, a kiss, a hand hold, all those moments that will for sure bring tears but will make them smile.
My dad had a big heart too, he gave of his time and energy and even his wallet. I want to say that I got my big heart from him, so Thank you Dad, Thank you for being with me today, helping me get through it and smiling right along with me. I hope I made you proud today, cause I know I was proud that I did something you would had so cried right along with me about.

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