Thursday, November 6, 2014

Only in my dreams. . . .

So I have often had people ask me if I dream of my dad, well I always answer "well he is there in them sometimes" and they always say well that means he is coming to visit you. Hmm well he may had been there but there was no interaction, well the dream I had today was quite diffrent QUITE diffrent.
So there was a major snowstorm in Buxton and I was on my way to my moms house and as I was about a half a mile away I met up with Chad (the funeral director) that did my dads services, he needed a ride so he left his car on this road cause there was no way we could get through and I took him to a local store well then we heard a crash and we were thinkinking that it was his car that got hit  so we went back and could not find his car, yeah I know weird well then he went on his way and I looked down the street and there was no snow but like a flood in the neighbors yard and the road was over grown in ferns. Well I look to where my parents house is down the road and the 5th wheel camper was pulling away so I ran down the road and went into the house, I went outside and then appeared my dad, in this weird looking car,like a cross between a towncar and a casket, I opened the top and said to my brother oh my there is no room in it,its the size of a casket. but it had seat space like a car, and there was a camper in the yard, it was a cross betweeen the 5th wheel and the old one that we use to have, as I opened the door my dad was like what do you think I said "well we should go camping he said who like all of us I was like yeah like the old days, I remeber seeing my dad sitting there and I was thinking wow he looks great, he looks thinner, and he had this patchwork type shirt on like he always use to wear but a little hipper. He was wearing not his wedding band (which would make sence cause my mom has it around her neck) but another type of gold ring as I tried to get a better look at it I realized it could had been his masonic ring one that I was hoping to get. I told him about my recent 10 K I ran and how I shaved minutes off my time from last year he was very proud, then we all loaded into this car. As we rode through these roads we live in now Buxton for example the roads were very high tech and futuristic, it was crazy I recall in my dream trying to take it all in ALL of it not sure when it was going to end.
It was a werid dream for sure but the details were so real, his look, his voice so strange. I felt diffrent after I woke up and diffrent I mean by past dreams he was there and not really said anything he was there but that was it, in this dream he was there talking, it felt so real.
So maybe in my dream today he came to see me, maybe he came to comfort me, maybe he came to let me know that he is OK that he is still living on and having fun enjoying things we always use to do, who knows, but to me it felt real.

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