Friday, November 21, 2014

Simple reminders of just how life is.

Today I was asked how I was going to handle the holidays. Well I first thought ok I think Thanksgiving will be easy cause well dad did not go last year cause he had an awful cold and did not want to give it to his newest granddaughter. Well ya know I'm
Sitting here re-thinking that answer in my head no it's not going to be easy cause last year I saw him, I brought him leftovers and one of his very favorite dishes that I make (really just for him and I) Cranberry Relish! He looked forward to that every year and I always looked forward to making it. Will I make it this year, yes will I double the batch no. But I know that I will make it and think of him. Getting his approval on how good it is. Now that's a simple reminder of one thing we always looked forward to critiquing.
Tonight I attended a fundraiser for a little girl who is dying, yes straight forward dying. Nothing the Drs can do, nothing her family can do but cherish the time they have with her. Ya know tonight as I sat and listened to songs of love, joy, hope, and faith, I was reminded of how simple the reminders in our lives are. Sit and listen to a song I mean really listen , tonight as a group of 8 people got up to sing to a family and a little girl whom some had never even met, I sang along I heard the words and felt the comfort, the comfort that these people were bringing  to the family and a large group of strangers , it was that simple it was a simple song that reminded me how precious life is how previous memories are, how previous keeping memories alive are. A simple song in life.

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