Tuesday, November 18, 2014

One on one time I won't ever forget!

I recall this day now quite often, it was a day actually a morning just him and I spent, no grandchildren tagging along just Father and Daughter, for once I was doing something for him rather than the other way around! It was his routine colonoscopy, I know not fun stuff but it was the drive, it was the chit chat that just him and I shared on the way to his appointment, we talked about things that we both agreed on, strong agreements. We laughter and he asked about that random noise in my car ( he always did that always noticed a weird clang or humm) I remember just chucking out loud about it. He talked about his grand daughters dance oh how he adored them. I remember waiting for him to get done and I got to go in while I waited for them to dismiss him, he was his jolly self, teasing the nurses and joking about the situation for a I think that was how he just made uncomfortable situations better. Well when it was time to leave we enjoyed the ride home, again talking and talking.
I'm so thankful for this time, I'm so grateful for the conversations we shared, I realized that we were so much a like, in so many ways I know where my strong attitude comes from, I know where my sensitive side comes from. That day the conversations make me smile as I write this. He so just had it all figured out. Something rings in my ears ahhh yes the dr telling him he was set for another 10 years. Dam how I wish that in 10 years I would be looking forward to picking him up to bring him to his appointment, but nope all I have is this reminder of the date 1 year ago. I have the conversations etched in my mind and that's all I will have 10 years from now about this.

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