Friday, April 24, 2015

I learned it from my daddy!

An incident happened involving my 5 year old and a purse she brought with her containing a valuable to the circus well it was left there, of course discovered after we had gotten home. I called and nothing turned up in lost and found. I was so angry so very angry at the world so angry that good people just don't exist anymore or just are so few and far between. Well I was not going to give up I called was persistent on my feelings and even after driving an hour to search ourselves we were told we could not look, once again I was persistent and made more phone calls trying to get to the root of where it could had gone. Well it paid off it was turned in two days later to the office from an employee of the clean up crew. Funny how I had made a phone call to that manager this am about it. See I was not giving up. Persistence paid off my dad was the same way he never just let things go, never just walked away or took no as the answer I'm so proud to say that I learned my persistence from him cause after this episode it paid off. Thank you dad for your lessons of being persistent. I hope your smiling down on me proud of a lesson you taught me.

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