Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sometimes you need advice. . .

I recently had someone ask me how I was doing, and he referred to my blog asking if It was helping, more on that later. I immediately told him I would share it with him, I have been at this blog writing thing for over a year, but have always loved writing since I was a teenager in school.
Ok now back to the question above "is it helping" I guess in different ways it is. It gives me a place to vent, I can put my feelings down and no one can judge me, my feelings spill out through my fingers as I type and the words just flow right to the keyboard. So if I had to answer it yes, it helps me get it out of my head and heart and out there.
I asked him " what did you think," "wow, you have a lot going on a lot built up, but that I have a great way of writing," "I think you now need to learn to cope," that was his advice. So since our conversation I've been thinking about that. C O P E
How does one do that, I have been thinking maybe I need to break down the meaning of coping

  1. (of a person) deal effectively with something difficult.
    "his ability to cope with stress"
    synonyms:managesurvivesubsistlook after oneself, fend for oneself, carry on, get by/through, bear up, hold one's own,keep one's end up, keep one's head above water; 

Deal effectively with something difficult. Ok losing someone is difficult I can admit to that, dealing with that, OK that's step one dealing with it. So that is where I will begin, dealing with it. But cope just seems like a mask, something to cover just to move on, are you truly really over it no,you just cope so you can live your life. So how is that supose to help me. Maybe I need to H E A L yes that's better H E A L I N G. So let me process that and then it shall begin

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