Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Only thing I can give you. . .

As Christmas quickly approaches, I'm left with just one thing to give you. A basket yeah full of fresh sprigs of pine, evergreen and balsum, oh and some little red berries, all blended together with a maroon bow. That's it. No more scouring through stores looking for that one thing you had not already bought yourself, or that #1 Grampa mug you could add to your collection. I guess the basket will do. But its more than a basket sure it makes the drab looking winter cemetary that's awaiting snow look a little better, it shows others your thought of and loved, but I guess it's what's on my heart that matters most still. The love you gave me as a child is in my heart, the harsh lessons of growing up is in my heart, the memories,the laughter, the tears, the heart ache, the bond we shared its all still very much alive in my heart. So even though we can no longer laugh together, or say I love you or just talk I do have all those other things that you gave me and I gave you in return. So please just accept the basket so you know that you are loved and missed more and more everyday.

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