Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It appears in simple ways

Yesterday December 15th I celebrated my 35th birthday (for the 6th year) I was blessed with Birthday wishes from family and friends near and far, it was a relaxing day with ending the night with dinner with my favorite people my girls and the hubby.
Well and Im quite certain that my dad showed me his birthday wishes with a quaint little story:
I went to the post office before going about my day to finish up some shopping. I saw a gentleman get out of the truck across from me as I was leaving the post office. This same gentleman was one I saw in the local paper just the past week having recognized the name and a familiar face, I knew he was a friend of my dads.
Well this was my moment to touch base and ask so I did. I said "excuse me are you John Cloonan," he said "yes" I said, "you don't recognize me do you," in which he answered "No" I introduced myself as "Ed Bracketts daughter," He was like "Oh my yes," and i'm sorry to hear about your dad he was a great guy," Immediately my heart melted a bit and I smiled and he told me about some stories of my dad, its amazing how something so simple can make his presence known.
Dad thank you for showing me that you are still there and you know what dad you are missed by more than you ever thought.

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