Saturday, December 26, 2015

Just try to make it through

As if missing you on Christmas is bad enough, having to miss you extra on your birthday makes it even harder. I can't believe that we never got to surprise you with your 70th Birthday Surprise Party. That so sits at the back of my mind after another year not celebrating your birthday passes. I miss the girls not calling you to sing Happy Birthday to the top of their lungs or giving you that extra sappy father/daughter card cause well it said everything and I knew it would always bring you too tears. I hope you celebrated 72 with cake, and your favorite things.
Christmas was at the house gathered with a huge void of having you not there. There was something about you in your chair just taking it all in. Getting that gift and guessing getting it right 99% of the time. I miss you so much, I try to think your there in spirit and watching us all but dam it, that is the furthest from the way I want it. What I would give to have you here celebrating with us. I miss the laughter, crying with you at Hallmark movies, seeing you tear up over the grandkids opening gifts, I miss all the little things in between . I did get a gift labeled to Crystal Love Dad, a crock pot brand new amoungest your stuff you had picked up at one time or another. I cried a bit thinking wow he's not here but yet he still is making his presence known. I tucked the tag I know written by mom but yet the simpleness of seeing love Dad still was just what I needed. I have it saved for the day I need to see it or feel your presence. Your loved so much and missed more than words can express. Happy 72nd Birthday Daddy.

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