Monday, November 23, 2015

Footprints in the Sand.

Its amazing how something you see or hear can trigger an emotion and thought of you dad. Tonight I watched a tv show where she danced in memory of her dad. It was flawless and beautiful. I cried, sobbed knowing how I could relate to her emotions.
I pulled up the poem Footprints in the sand. How the Lord walked beside at times and carried her the other. Maybe this relates to us dad a father and a daughter, maybe you walk beside me during certain times in my life but other times when I feel beat up, emotionally out of control, angry or frustrated you carry me.
Either way sometimes I wish you were here walking beside me with your feet next to mine not just leaving footprints. Its amazing how things change emotions grow and yet when I reach for an outlet someone has failed me and the footprints are not there. If in fact your carrying me thank you.

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