Saturday, October 4, 2014

Refections come to life

A week ago I attended a healing through writing workshop, that opened my eyes to way of dealing with the grief that has engulfed my life after losing my dad in Janaury.  I have sat many times since January and tried to put into words on a piece of paper how I felt, but that paper would end up in a round ball of crmbles on the floor. After attending the workshop I was able to let the tears pour (and that they did) I was able to let the pen in my hand take me to a place in my head, heart and body and loose my self completely with how I felt at that very moment, many times watching the ink run as the tears would hit the page of a freshly written verse or line that recalled a feeling or memory.
I have decided to put my grief on paper in hopes that it will help me, but maybe someone will stubble along my blog and read and see that ya know they are not alone either.

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  1. You have set yourself free with your own words, and your honesty reflects the emotions that connect us all as human beings. This helps us all heal. It is a privilege to read your blog.