Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Colors

I was approached by a gentleman whom was part of the Vietnam group, at the parade I helped organize this past weekend. He asked me "Where would you like the colors" the two other people looked at everyone. I knew exactly what they were thinking, but I knew exactly what he meant. The colors....... the flags of our country those are "the colors" Of course they lead the parade as they should had carrying our "colors" with such pride and dignity.
As a little girl I can recall numerous parades where we would ride throughout the town on top of fire trucks, with the colors decorating the firetrucks. My dad volunteered as a firefighters from when I can remember as a little girl till the day he left this earth.
I would watch my dad at parades remove his hat respecting the flag, when attending a sporting event saying the national anthem. I learned from.him to respect the colors that he so proudly protected as his years in the service. Our house growing up was adorned with an American flag.
And his final.resting place is marked with the colors. It's amazing to think something so simple made a huge impact on my life and I had the knowledge of knowing that the colors are in deed the leader of the parade. Thanks Dad for instilling your love of the colors to me.

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