Thursday, October 22, 2015

a reflection can trigger so much more

So today I learned that my 7th grade English teacher Mr. Norton passed away. I felt a sudden sense of sadness as I read the obituary. It brought me right back to the classroom the one room tucked in the corner right after the band room. I remember quotes of famous writters and photos covered the walls. He was that one teacher kids wanted to have and I'm so glad to say I was one of the lucky ones. I reflected today a lot thinking about how much I like to read and write and blog. How much I enjoy all aspects of language arts. It's amazing to think that one person could have such an impact even now today 27 years ago. I read what some of my classmates or fellow upper and lower classmen wrote and wow he was one hell of a teacher to have touched so many lives. Tonight I'm greatful to have known him. Dad look for Mr. Norton and share some stories with him for I think  you two would get along great.

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