Saturday, August 15, 2015

The last time. . . .

I pass the place. The white building with the tarred lot, with a small white overhang roof and the just plain look of a building where sadness comes to gather. I drive by this building at least 3 times a week. I glance over and sometimes there are cars and then sometimes it's just empty looking. I suddenly get the image of you there. The image of you laying so peacefully surrounded with photos, memories and above all love. This was the place, the last place I got to see you I spoke but you could not speak back, I cried over you but you could not wipe my tears. I laughed about memories but that was all I had you could not share another story and laugh along.
I remember we could not bring you to your final resting place cause mother nature packed us with a huge snowfall that winter so we waited for spring. When I would have one of those days I would drive by just to feel close to you, just to feel like I could hear you tell me it was ok or that you loved me. It's strange how when I now see the building how much floods into my mind and heart.

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