Thursday, March 10, 2016

Your favorite thing

Hi Dad, Its crazy to believe that it's another year that you won't be there to watch your grand daughters dance in competition. I mean wait you will be there with possibly the best seat in the house high up in heaven but right next to us would be so much better. Its amazing how far they have come, and ya know I always tell them to dance for Grampa he is watching. Oh how you were so dedicated, up early to arrive to ensure the best seats, and always rooting for everyone in the team, but always shedding those years for your favorite dancers. You were their biggest support and would travel hundreds of miles to watch them dance, making sure they knew you were there. Oh how much so miss you during the dance season. Who else could I sit with and pick dances a part, who else would cook in the back of the truck to make sure the team was fed. Who else would turn around and Do it all again the next day.
You yes YOU.............
I hope your chair is teafy, your good luck is ready to be sprinkled on them and your ready to cry those proud grampa years. Miss you so much dad. I love you

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